is a social networking site which connects you to everyone and everything you care about.

It is your life online -- a social experience that helps you discover what's going on with your world and helps the world discover what's going on with you. combines community, self-expression and entertainment, enabling you to consume, create, discover, curate and share digital content in entirely new ways.

Take a look at our latest features:'s Social Inbox is the perfect way for you to organize all your messages in one easy-to-use inbox. The Social Inbox now features updates from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail, and media recommendations that deliver you the most relevant online entertainment (including video, music, groups and games) into one place.

Our Lifestream Platform allows you to turn chaos into order by delivering real-time, chronological updates from all of your friends. Lifestream updates are available from your friends from Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Delicious, with many more to come. allows you to share your life -- past, present and future with everyone you care about through its visually striking Timeline. The Timeline provides you with an interactive display of life events in chronological order in an intuitive and easy to use display. Timelines are made up of photos, videos, stories and special events that you want to record or schedule. The Timeline is updated automatically each time you add important content to your profile or manually add a new event.

You can also access your experience through your mobile phone. This allows you to connect with friends and content while on the move. You can now send and receive SMS updates and alerts, update your profile, add photos to your gallery, send virtual gifts and access exclusive mobile content.

We're always looking for ways to improve, so if you have an idea or simply want to talk to one of our amazing team members, please contact us. is based in Bangkok

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